Field Notes

What's Next?

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., The Pacific Northwest Dream has not been immune to its effects. Starting with losing the one employee I had managed to hire in our second year, there were many other questions and challenges that continued to come up. Like many other parents out t...
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Collaborating Creates Magic

The Pacific Northwest Dream has come a ridiculously long way. Did you know that in June, it will be TWO years old! We officially opened on June 01, 2018. I recently pulled up some old photos from just before we opened. Does anybody remember this? Look how incredibly tiny my children were. This...
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Like a Moth to Flame

Disclaimer: I am not a lepidopterist and any information shared or speculated on in this blog are purely from brief research and a creative interpretation of what I’ve learned.What distinguishes a moth from a butterfly? They have so much in common, so what makes them so different? The distinction...
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