2019 Winter Collection


Organic Cotton

U.S. Made

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Who makes your clothes?

We do! Right here in Spokane, Washington.


Our Farewell Collection

Limited stock for the items we have remaining in these prints! Then we will say goodbye!


Mighty Morels Organic Cotton Dress - Toddler
  • $49.00
  • $34.30

Sold out

Camping Dinos Organic Cotton On-the-Grow Romper
  • From $32.40


RTS - Moonrise Adult Organic Cotton A-Line Dress with Pockets
  • $107.00
  • $96.30


Men's Camping Dinos Organic Cotton Hoodie
  • $97.00
  • $87.30


Lush Leaves Organic Cotton Hoodie - Kids
  • $55.00
  • $49.50


RTS - Wolves in the Woods Organic Cotton Tee
  • $36.00
  • $32.40


RTS - Vintage Floral Adult Organic Cotton Tunic
  • $87.00
  • $78.30


RTS - Solid Camping Dinos Organic Cotton Pocket Leggings - Toddler
  • $29.00
  • $26.10
When entomology meets the PNWD

What distinguishes a moth from a butterfly? They have so much in common, so what makes them so different? The distinctions are fascinating. For starters, when a moth begins its transformation, it forms a cocoon. Meanwhile, a butterfly forms a chrysalis. The chrysalis is hard and protective, while cocoons are soft and smooth...

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Pacific Northwest Moths

The cornerstone of our 2019 Winter Collection. Items for everyone!

Women's PNW Moth Joggers
  • $54.00

Adult Joggers

Women's PNW Moths Organic Cotton Hoodie
  • $99.97

Adult Hoodie

PNW Moths Long Sleeve Women’s Dress
  • $114.00

Adult Tunics

PNW Moth Dress - Baby
  • $59.00

Baby Dresses

In the Studio

Behind the scenes look at how our clothes are made. Classes to be offered in the future as well!

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Customer Love

We take pride in our quality and service

I just love the beautiful colors and design, soft fabric, and fit of these shorts.

Pam V.

I really like all of the clothing and children’s coloring books.

Carolyn M

I love Spokane so this book and all its pages are near and dear to my heart.Thank you for this beautiful creation! And making it affordable.

Lisa P

My new favorite piece of clothing. So soft and cozy and fits me perfectly, and the design is unique and lovely!

Lily B
It's Your Turn

Tap into your creative flow. 

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Field Notes

Field work, new products, partnerships and more.

Like a Moth to Flame

Disclaimer: I am not a lepidopterist and any information shared or speculated on in this blog are purely from brief research and a creative interpr...

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