2020 Spring Collection

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Who makes your clothes?

We do! Right here in Spokane, Washington.


Back in stock!

Everyones favorite print is back and available as cloth masks yet again!

What's Next?

A wild few months here in 2020, what happens next?

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Pacific Northwest Pollinators

Our 2020 Spring Collection focuses on a piece of our modern, natural world that we need to fight hard to protect. We have some wonderful options available!

Adult Organic Cotton Mask - PREORDER
  • $14.97

Cloth Masks

Children's PNW Pollinator Shorties
  • $14.97

Children's Shorts

Sold out

PNW Pollinator Pack Sticker
  • $14.97

Sticker Pack

Children's PNW Pollinator Tunic Dress
  • $49.00

Children's Dress

Women’s PNW Pollinator High-waisted Shorts
  • $57.00

Women's Shorts

Women’s PNW Pollinator Dress
  • $109.00

Women's Dress

Cloth Face Masks

Masks take a lot of attention to detail and time to make. We have not had a chance to individually photograph and list them all, but you can still shop the beautiful print options we have for you today!


Customer Love

We take pride in our quality and service

I just love the beautiful colors and design, soft fabric, and fit of these shorts.

Pam V.

I really like all of the clothing and children’s coloring books.

Carolyn M

I love Spokane so this book and all its pages are near and dear to my heart.Thank you for this beautiful creation! And making it affordable.

Lisa P

My new favorite piece of clothing. So soft and cozy and fits me perfectly, and the design is unique and lovely!

Lily B

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