Welcome to The PNW Dream! This company is where I use my art to create wonderful, products you can wear and use such as clothing, stickers and paper goods, to express your love for our beautiful region. My name is Corinna Ren and I am an artist/designer who loves all things creative and who also knows how to sew.
As a momma of two living in the Pacific Northwest, I feel incredibly privileged to be able to create a product from design to craft, ‘specially for you. Each print and outfit design is with our love for nature in mind, and that includes the choices we make as a business and how it impacts the environment.

This beautiful company is born of a passion in my heart for my kids, as well as art, nature and unique clothing styles. All the prints you find in store are designed and all the clothing is sewn by yours truly.
I hope you enjoy, and definitely hope you find something you love and feel like you can share with your friends and family!


Here at the PNW Dream, we strive to tell a story.

We believe in local, quality goods and always do our best to source and manufacture in ways that are kind to our wonderful planet and the people who buy our products.
We are always striving to bring beautiful, handmade products to you, with unique designs and functional, adventure-worthy styles.


We make all of our products right here at home! When you receive a product in the mail, its made with love from Spokane, WA.
I am always researching the best manufacturers for our fabric, best printing practices and shipping and packaging materials. Feel free to send me an email if you ever see room for improvement or have some amazing referrals!
This is the Pacific Northwest Dream. Whether you’re raised here, visiting or aspiring to move here. The mountains, the woods and the sea are what feed our souls.

Send me an email if you would like to collaborate in any way.