The PNW Dream Wallpapers

Add some excitement to your walls!

Did you know that your favorite prints are available as wallpapers over on Spoonflower? 

You can visit my entire shop here:

What is Spoonflower?

Spoonflower is a print on demand company that offers fabric, wallpaper and even some home goods. It’s actually where we purchase our materials from! Some of our prints are actually available on Spoonflower for purchase as well.


Does The PNW Dream sell wallpaper?

No, we do not offer wallpaper. We do not profit from these sales (see note below). This is a third party company that is not in any way tied to The PNW Dream, other than the fact that you can find our designs for sale there.


Are The PNW Dream and Spoonflower the same company?

No, we are not related in any way. 

NOTE: Any purchase of wallpaper does not go to The Pacific Northwest Dream, they will instead go to Spoonflower. However, as the designer, my design brand CorinnaRenCreative will receive 10% of the sale! Your order will also be shipped from Spoonflower and not from our team. Any issues with ordering is not the responsibility of The PNW Dream.