COVID-19 Safety Procedures

With the pandemic on everyone’s minds, and safety being our top concern here at The PNW Dream, our team is certainly taking extra precautions as we continue to serve our clients.

While it is only myself (Corinna) at the moment, manufacturing your orders, I am doing everything in my power to ensure your orders get to you safely!

* Now that we are manufacturing masks, I wear one myself while I work. This is to protect your orders although I have been quarantined at home for weeks with very limited exposure to the outside world.

* All surfaces are wiped down with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol based cleaners after every shift that I work.

It is thought that the coronavirus can last on fabric material for up to two days. Therefore, as an additional measure of safety, please wash your garments before wearing and wash your hands after opening any packages!

Our family certainly appreciates all your support during this time! We love each and every one of you and feel privileged that we are able to continue to serve you as well as spread the love among other small businesses.

We will get through this.